The Forest - Bird Life

Australian Raven Occasionally
Albert’s Lyrebird Heard May to mid August. Less in summer and autumn. At least 3 males calling on this block and another 6 on the block to the north.
Bassian Thrush Seen 2 x 2003 autumn 2008. One dead bird found.
Black Faced Monarch Often in late spring and summer.
Brown Thornbill Common
Brown Cuckoo Dove Common when trees are fruit
Bower Regent Mainly spring and summer.
Bower Bird /Satin Seen or heard often.
Bush Turkeys Occasionally. sometimes common. Large nest mounds are found on the land.
Crimson Rosella Occasionally
Cockatoo / Black Yellow Tailed Cockatoo Often heard and seen flying over head in groups of 3 or 4
Cockatoo Red tailed On the western side in forest oak. Infrequent more frequent 500 metres down road.
Cockatoo sulphur crested Flying over head occasionally and occasionally eating the Hoop Pine cones.
Cuckoo/ Fantail Cuckoo Often in spring and early summer.
Cuckoo/Shining Bronze orHorshfield’s Occasionally
Currawong Often
Eagle Seen occasionally flying overhead especially on the western side
Emerald Pigeon Often seen and heard in Dec . Seen often summer 2008 Ate tadpoles from a drying pond summer 2008. continues to be present at this time of the year
Eastern Spine Bill Often in Nov & Dec and Occasionally winter - summer
Fantail Grey Common. Seen most days
Fantail Rufus Seen most days in spring and summer not in winter
Finches /Red Browed Finches Common most of the year.common. Eat the grass seeds of the grass around the house.
Gerygone /brown Frequent in small groups.
Golden Whistler Common especially in Spring
Green Catbird Frequently heard especially in the evening. Occasionally seen
Grey Thrush Occasionally common around the house though not 2011
Grey Goshawk Occasionally. Was seen Jan 2012 swooping a kingfisher sitting beside the dam
Heron white necked Heron Occasional lone bird comes to fish in the dam
Honeyeater /lewins Common
Honeyeater/ Red Wattle Bird Common in silky oak in October 2005. Not seen since then
Honeyeater Scarlett Honeyeater Heard frequently and seen occassionally. Recently visited bird bath spring 2012.
Honeyeater/ Yellow Faced Honeyeater Heard occasionally Seen often late winter and spring.
Honeyeater white napped Occasionally at the dam or bird bath
Ibis Visited the dam in April and May 2006
King Parrots Often seen. They eat the seeds of the Acacia melanoxylon
Kingfisher -Forest Summer 2012
Kookaburra One visit down near house 18/2/06 (lyrebirds do this call) Mainly seen on western side.
Magpie Infrequently
Mistletoe Bird occasionally
Noisy Pitta Heard occasionally but has only been seen once 2011. Often heard 2011 several pairs.
Quail Family in forest in summer 2005. and spring2008 Also seen on the western side in the grass.
Paradise Rifle Bird Mainly spring and summer. Visits the Cupaniopsis parvifolia near N. E. corner of the house when it is in fruit.
Pardalote /Spotted Pardalote Early spring 2006 seen picking up small bits of grass.
Peaceful Dove Seen in April 2006 mainly on the ground. Not seen since
Pheasant Heard down the hill in spring and seen Nov 2005 near the house
Pigeons Top Knot .These birds come in flocks when trees are in fruit. e.g.the white Acronichia berries in winter
Pigeon White Headed Occasionally
Pigeon /Wonga Pigeon Often seen wandering around the lawn.
Pied Butcher Up the top and on the West side
Rose Robin Occasionally
Silver Eye Occasionally. sometimes common
Spotted Quail Thrush Seen by B Australia 19/02/06
Tawny Frogmouth Occasionally nocturnal
Varied Triller Occasionally
Welcome Swallows Occasionally
Whipbird Common. Several pairs heard near the house.
White Throated Tree Creeper Often seen
Wren /White Browed Scrub Wren Common. Seen frequently.
Wren /Yellow Throated Scrub Wren Often seen under canopy on the ground most of the year
Wren /Blue Wren Seen most days Spring, Summer, autumn 2010 2011 summer of 2012
Wren /Red Back Wren On west side. Seen occasionally.
Wren/ Variegated Blue Wren Not present since 2009
Wompoo Fruit Dove Occasionally especially when the Rhodamnia is in fruit
Yellow Robin Common. Seen most days
Yellow Shrike Tit Seen may 2005 a pair with juvenile. Again in July 2005 and one in April 2006 Again 2 x in late winter 2008

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